Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nashville: Want talent? Get #transit. "Though it may not be as dire a problem as public education, public transportation requires a more urgent solution because it has a bearing on how young workers view Nashville today, not just when they have families.

The people we are depending on to drive Nashville’s economy want walk­able neighborhoods and convenient public transportation. In short, they want a true urban existence. If we don’t provide it, then they and the jobs they represent will go somewhere that does."

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Delray Beach: Take the [free] trolley around town "A parade of red, white and blue is rolling into Delray Beach a few days before the city's Independence Day celebration. The new patriotic-colored trolley system will make its debut in the downtown area on Monday.

Three air-conditioned trolleys will make the Downtown Roundbout shuttle vans history. The service remains free to riders, each trolley can seat about 20 passengers and the hours have been extended on the two existing routes that run down Atlantic Avenue."

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas City to spend $6.3M to encourage walking, biking, and #publictransit

Houston Chronicle: "According to the master plan, the improvements would play a significant role in influencing a person's willingness to walk and consider other modes of travel like transit. It is estimated that this would result in an annual reduction of harmful air pollutants of 31 tons. This reduction is critical to the Houston-Galveston region, which doesn't meet federal air quality standards."

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jacksonville Transportation Authority: Public transit saves you $800 a month ""Gas is so high, like it's very challenging," said Shanita Taylor, a Jacksonville woman who no longer uses a car because of the high prices.

Instead, she relies on the city bus system, and on Thursday she joined others in dumping the pump.

She said, "The bus is great."

JTA estimates the average commuter could save more than $800 a month by using public transit instead of their car. That would add up to about $10,000 in savings every year."

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Picking winners and losers. Cars win. People lose.

RALEIGH: Road Worrier: New transportation money formula could doom Triangle trains | Road Worrier | "RALEIGH — State leaders are moving fast on a sweeping new transportation spending formula that will make it easier to find money for strategically important highway and freight railroad projects – and almost impossible to find money for passenger trains, sidewalks, bicycles and regional transit."

The smart money in real estate understands the value of #publictransit

Phoenix Business Journal: "High-performing schools and neighborhood amenities no longer are the key drivers of residential property values in the U.S. The mantra of the post-recession housing market is “location, location, location” — namely, urban atmospheres with easy access to public transportation."
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red states love #publictransit

Taylor for Tulsa: "Make the Transportation System Work for Tulsans. Making Tulsa’s transportation system work for Tulsans requires more than just fixing streets and adding buses and bus routes; it requires understanding that Tulsans travel around the city in many different ways – driving cars, taking buses, riding bikes, and walking."

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