Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's time for sustainable transit choices » The Commercial Appeal

Guest Column: It's time for sustainable transit choices » The Commercial Appeal: "'In the Memphis metropolitan community, we have many neighborhoods where working-class folks cannot get to their place of employment, cannot get to the doctor's office, or even to a full-scale grocery store or vegetable market because there is not adequate transportation that easily connects them to the facilities they need for a healthy quality of life,' says Rita Harris, environmental justice community organizer with the Sierra Club for Memphis and the surrounding area. 'As we make decisions for future transportation planning, the needs of people in our low-income and working-class areas must be factored into the plans.'"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MARTA Rocks!

MARTA Rocks!: "The FTA is meeting with MARTA and the county commissioners of Clayton to discuss using revenue generated from the sales tax in the Clayton section on the airport to fund service. This would generate approximately 2.5 million in funds to restore the bus system once run by CTran. This would not be a level of service as great as CTran once was, which operated on 6 million a year, but it’s something. If they can reach an agreement, meaning if the commission doesn’t shoot them down, then buses may be rolling down those streets as soon as July 1st."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WR Takes First Step Towards Mass Transit

WR Takes First Step Towards Mass Transit: "Warner Robins City Council members were all in favor of applying for grants that would fund an in-depth study on the needs to Middle Georgia commuters.
The leaders have taken the first steps towards trying to obtain a mass transit system in the area."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forward-thinking Durham mayor proposes free transit - again.

Durham mayor reiterates support for Rolling Hills redevelopment - Durham County - "Regarding other priorities, Bell said the city should 'create a business and environmentally friendly atmosphere' to encourage businesses to grow and entice outside firms to locate in Durham. He said he is asking City Manager Tom Bonfield to set a 'reasonable goal' of jobs to be created in 2011 through city efforts.

Converting the DATA bus system to fare-free operation is one means for enhancing public transit that Bell wants the city administration to investigate, he said."

High Gas Prices Boost Light Rail Ridership - News Story - WSOC Charlotte

High Gas Prices Boost Light Rail Ridership - News Story - WSOC Charlotte: "Charlotte Area Transit said 24 million people rode CATS mass transit last year. This year, there is already a two percent increase and the numbers are expected to rise as gas prices increase.
“We see that in stages, typically $3 a gallon is one stage, around $3.50 is another. Above $3.50, starts people to really ramp up.' CATS spokesman Olaf Kinard said.
CATS officials said some drivers can as much as $100 a month by riding the light rail."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TARC trolley rides to remain free through at least August | | The Courier-Journal

TARC trolley rides to remain free through at least August | | The Courier-Journal: "Pledges of subsidies from four downtown-friendly agencies have helped convince the Transit Authority of River City to keep rides on the Fourth Street and Main-Market trolleys free, at least through Aug. 31.

“The trolleys will remain free and continue to run frequently,” said TARC Executive Director Barry Barker. “It’s a great example of folks working together to make something a success.”"