Saturday, March 24, 2018

#Autosprawl bad for business

Why business, political leaders want big change for Greenville transit: "That is based on this premise: If Greenville is to truly transform into the modern metropolitan area it aims to be, the buses must run at night and on the weekends and more than once every hour. And with that comes a multimillion-dollar investment that must be generated locally, some way, somehow, every year.

Greenville County faces a crossroads. The majority of Greenlink’s mileage runs in the county even though the county's financial contribution, a little more than $400,000 a year, amounts to less than that coming from the city that operates the system.

But in what is a commentary on how long-chilly relations between the city and county have thawed, the Greenville City Council and Greenville County Council will convene a joint meeting for Greenlink to present its vision for transforming the system over the next five years. No date has been set yet."