Sunday, March 31, 2013

The auto-system does not work. Does. Not. Work. When will you turn against it?

Three dead in 95-car pileup near Virginia, North Carolina state line - U.S. News: "Three people were killed and more that 20 injured in a massive series of pile-ups involving 95 cars on Interstate 77 near the Virginia and North Carolina state line Sunday afternoon, according to authorities."

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Arkansas residents evacuate as Exxon-Mobil tar sands pipeline ruptures | The Raw Story

Arkansas residents evacuate as Exxon-Mobil tar sands pipeline ruptures | The Raw Story: "The burst pipe is part of the Pegasus pipeline network, which connects tar sands along the Gulf coast to refineries in Houston. Thousands of gallons of crude oil erupted from the breach around 3:00 p.m. on Friday, spilling through a housing subdivision and into the town’s storm drainage system, fouling drainage ditches and shutting down Highway 365 and Interstate 40."

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Friday, March 29, 2013

If #freetransit is good for airports, why not main street?

Ready to roll: Free, automated PHX Sky Train debuts April 8 - Phoenix News - "PHOENIX - As of Monday, April 8, those traveling between Metro light rail and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport can catch a free, air-conditioned ride aboard PHX Sky Train."

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Florida seniors stranded by lack of #publictransit "In the 2011 Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan for Highlands, Hardee and Okeechobee Counties, prepared by the Central Florida Regional Planning Council, it is estimated that close to 10,500 elderly, low-income and disabled persons in Highlands County qualify as transportation disadvantaged."

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Car-culture cruel to disabled

Funding for Hall transit buses falls short of demand: "Elizabeth Morton uses the local Red Rabbit buses from Hall County Transit to do her grocery shopping and go to doctor appointments during the week. But after 5 p.m. and on weekends, she’s stuck because she can’t drive a car, even if she could afford one."

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Georgians for Better Transit: Stop privatization of MARTA

Georgians for Better Transit: "I am a native Atlantan and employee of MARTA who believes that transportation is a human right and does not believe that privatization will allow the citizens of dekalb, Fulton and the citizens of Atlanta the quality of transportation services that’s needed to maintain viable employment in the region if we privatize MARTA a system in which those citizens have paid into for the last 30 years. I Pledge along with my family members, friends, coworkers and community to do everything within our power to stop the privatization of MARTA."

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Friday, March 8, 2013

More highway building insanity - make it stop!

Artist's impression of the I-4 Ultimate project through Orlando (Image courtesy of Florida Department of Transportation)
Toll Lanes Touted as Congestion Fix for Central Florida’s I-4 | Transportation Nation: "The Florida DOT is moving ahead with plans for the I-4 Ultimate project- a $2.1 billion dollar fix for I-4. The state’s prescription includes adding toll lanes to a 21-mile stretch of the interstate running through the heart of Orlando. The department aims to begin construction in 2015 and complete it by 2020."

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Had enough yet? The auto-system does not work. Repeat, does not work.

Texas State Tech Students ride buses fare-free

Valley Metro adding two bus stops for TSTC route - Valley Morning Star : TSTC: "RGVM and TSTC recently agreed to offer TSTC students and employees free bus fare, and TSTC Associate Vice President of Administrative Services Charles D. Smith said the added stops help make the student experience at the Harlingen college more convenient."

Oklahoma City - over 300 people show up for #publictransit town hall

Dr. Ed Shadid hosted another Transit Townhall Meeting for OKC,
 which required DOUBLE the anticipated seating Credit: dwinslow
OKC Transit townhall meeting a success! - Oklahoma City Oklahoma City | "The quaint event space, donated by the owners had arranged chairs for about 150. The seating had to be doubled on the fly to accommodate the crowd that arrived, and there were still many people standing for the hour long session."

Atlanta - Don't privatize MARTA

Rally against privatizing MARTA - CBS Atlanta 46: "ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) -
A rally against legislation that would privatize MARTA was held Thursday morning at the Five Points station. Participants spent several hours passing out pamphlets and collecting signatures from MARTA riders."

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Fare-Free in Mississippi - Bus system to link Starkville-MSU areas - SFGate

Bus system to link Starkville-MSU areas - SFGate: "Bus shelters will be constructed at various stopping points along each route, Harris said, and the system will be free to all passengers. GPS systems currently in use with campus routes will be in place to let passengers know where buses are on a route, how long it will take to get to their location and the vehicle's occupancy load."

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