Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Town Marks 10 Years Of Fare Free Transit -

Town Marks 10 Years Of Fare Free Transit - "On January 2, 2002, the transit system officially became fare free. Assistant Transit Director Brian Litchfield says Chapel Hill has one of the largest fare-free transit systems in the United States.

"Back in 2001, before we went fare free, we were doing about three million rides per year, this year we'll do a little over seven milion rides," he says. "That's about a 120, 130 percent increase in ridership over a 10 year period, which is amazing especially in a community of our size.""

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  1. wow! a town doing free rides everyday, all year? That is amazing. Wish Topeka had done that when I lived there. Likewise wish Austin did it now that I am here.
    My question though is, with all these transit systems struggling to stay in the black, how does this one do it with no fares?

  2. Kevin, thanks for your question. The answer is simple. Transit actually saves money. The external costs of the auto-sprawl system are very high. Traffic congestion, pollution, export of gasoline money, oil wars, etc. etc. When you look at it like an economist instead of an accountant, it is a no-brainer.!!!