Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tennessee realizing the need for #publictransit

TN: Middle Tennessee Transit Alliance Continues Transportation Talks: ""We realize that in the future, what's going to behold for us is the problems of spending most of your life in a car on the interstates trying to get to work or around town," Craighead said.
...You can actually be from Lebanon and into downtown Nashville faster at rush hour on the Music City Star than you can on Interstate 40. That's on a normal day and anyone who commutes on Interstate 40 knows the number of normal days you'll find," Bland said.
...The biggest complaint we get about the Star is there simply isn't enough service," Bland said.
..."We have more and more industry that's coming and looking at us. If we can bring some of the employment from Nashville, we have to make sure we can get them to work and then get them back in a timely fashion. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of plans," Craighead said. "

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