Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Benefits of Public Transit - Advocates for Public Transit

Benefits of Public Transit - Advocates for Public Transit:

  • Transportation to Work
  • Economic competitiveness with other communities that have transit systems for businesses looking to relocate or expand
  • Economic multiplier: Every $1 returns $4 to the local economy
  • Provides jobs
  • Transportation for seniors, persons with disabilities
  • Access to medical, shopping, employment opportunities
  • Access to educational opportunities, resulting in better educated workforce
  • Affordable and necessary alternative to personal transportation
  • Improves the community's quality of life
  • Transportation for youth to after school activities
  • Relieves congestion
  • Good for the environment, improves air quality, is sustainable
  • Improves local planning and reduces sprawl
  • Reduces need for expensive infrastructure, parking and roads
  • Affordable housing by reducing the need to have a two-car family
  • A critical first step towards light rail

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