Monday, August 15, 2011

Can't walk even in the country? Ain't cars great?

Rural areas' lack of sidewalks fuel obesity | "RUSKIN --
Tractor-trailers and school buses routinely speed past Liz Pless' home along rural 15th Street Southeast in Ruskin.

There's no safe place on the busy two-lane street to ride a bike or go for a walk.

Her mailbox stands precariously at the edge of a storm-water trench, and the sidewalk is across the busy street. There are frequent gaps in the walkway, which sits too close to the fast-moving traffic for Pless — or her 11-year-old grandson, Justin — to use.

'When the kids come home, they have to walk down there, in the ditch,' said Pless, 55. 'We don't even have bikes anymore.'"

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