Monday, September 26, 2016

Cape Girardeau Co. transit proposes free bus rides

KFVS12 : "At the meeting, Mogelnicki said ridership increases every year, but if ridership becomes free he expects it to grow.

"I think a lot more people would ride the bus if it was free," transit rider John Tinsely said.

He said after going to Kansas City and seeing the light rail run for free, he said why can't Cape Girardeau do the same thing.

"I like it, right now we're in between jobs, so it would be easier for us to ride transportation, we're just now moving here to Cape from Charelston and it's hard for us to get back and forth I think it's a neat idea," transit rider Beria Willis said.

Some city council members said it would be a positive thing for the community.

"I think $2 would make a lot of difference between some people. mean we don't have a bunch of money like [Willis] said we're in between jobs and we're just struggling to get by and we take the bus everywhere we go, so I think it would make a lot of difference," Tinsely said."

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