Sunday, March 20, 2016

Georgia newspaper calls for more public transit, fewer studies

Editorials | "Leaders don’t like to talk about poverty in their community. 

Let’s be honest, we have significant poverty in our city and metro area.  

Affordable public transportation provides an essential service, especially for those trying to climb out of poverty who may not have other means to get to work, doctor’s appointments or take care of other family needs. 

Pretending this problem does not exist does not make the problem go away. 

Funding a massive public transportation system is daunting, and frankly is probably not possible. 

A public-private partnership, or even a partnership with Valdosta State University, is far more attractive than a government-run system that would not operate efficiently and could be a black hole in the budgets of local governments. 

The pilot shuttle program, however, has demonstrated that an expanded, permanent, shuttle-type service could have a significant positive impact on the community. "

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