Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salisbury Transit System Offering Free Bus Rides on Orange and Red Ozone Action Days

Mayor Susan Kluttz, speaking on behalf of the Salisbury City Council said, “Public transportation is a vital element in our nation’s efforts to speak to economic, environmental, and energy-related challenges. Public transportation offers an affordable and convenient alternative to driving. By utilizing our public transit system, citizens are able to take advantage of all aspects of our local environment. Our transit system allows riders to travel to work, conduct business, reach medical facilities, and participate in community events.” Kluttz notes that the environmental impact of choosing public transit s significant. “Ground-level ozone and smog can emerge when cars and household products generate hazardous emissions. In comparison to private vehicles, public transportation generates 95% less carbon monoxide. The free bus fare program offers a wonderful opportunity for citizens to help improve air quality, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and support our nation’s efforts to become less reliant on foreign oil.”


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